Friday, November 7, 2014

A burden

I have a burden.  But I think it's a God-given burden. And that is to warn the world of the coming judgment and to somehow (though I am but a very dim reflection) reveal some of God's LOVE for mankind to everyone, or at least point people TO it.  {I'm afraid that as a person I actually distract from that love, though every "Christ"ian is called to be a representative of Christ to the world, -  somehow we must get the message through.} Though God loves each one like he was the only person on earth, He cannot, nay WILL not allow sin to continue forever - for OUR sakes.  There HAS to be a judgment - an end.

We must point the world to Christ - our only hope!!  But the exciting thing is that not only does Christ freely give His blood to pay our death penalty; He also imparts His Righteous Character to us and helps us LIVE it!  If we are willing and committed to it, He will perform it.  All He wants is a broken and contrite heart - a heart that acknowledges our total depravity and inability to save ourselves, and one that acknowledges God ALONE as worthy of our praise and worship.

Why?  He wants our perfect allegiance to Him because He KNOWS He is the only one ABLE to save us and bring us happiness and eternal life.  Not because He is a tyrant and dictator who demands and forces allegiance; or a love-starved egotist who NEEDS our praise. It is because he IS love and is our Creator.  Who else is worthy of our worship and praise?  No-one else and no other being is worthy save this God alone!

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