Friday, January 11, 2008

Pain and Tribulation

Last time I said I'd talk about the 3 little angels. Here they are.

Ages 3, 5 and 6.

Needless to say we had a busy time that week, and the New Year's Eve party was a disaster! The middle one especially has no idea how to behave in a group situation and was out-of-control bouncing off the walls, bless his little heart. I'll spare you the details but to say we left early!

The pain and tribulation title refers to the fact that on Tuesday a crowned tooth of mine decided to "erupt" in pain - an angry beehive indeed. The pain is indescribably agonizing. I say "is" because it's not completely gone despite a strong antibiotic and fairly strong painkillers. And it only takes a minor irritation or disturbance (such as eating OR drinking) to set it off again! I'm bracing myself for a root canal and am NOT happy about it. Why don't the dentists just come out straight and tell you "The nerve is dead and you'll have to have a root canal". But no, they give you the antibiotics, painkillers and give you hope that everything will work out just fine. "But we'll check in two weeks to see that it's OK". Then they'll break the news to you: "Oh, too bad, it needs a root canal!"

Since sleep didn't come easily at times this week I had the time to listen to some very interesting online videos by Walter Veith on the history of all the versions of the Bible. They're at the Google video site - can't remember the exact address there but the series is called Total Onslaught. Check out videos numbered 213 and 214 in particular I think. They're the Bible versions-specific ones. Anyway, I have found them terribly enlightening and informative and several of our Bible versions are being put out to pasture! (The more radical ones of course). Some of them one can take a pen and "correct", which he does himself with the New King James - one of my favourite versions too.

We've had nice weather this past week with a fair amount of rain, wind and storm to water the earth. It's supposed to be winter but is more like spring. We had our chimney worked on this week too, but alas, the foundation is hardly more than mortar - not even concrete - and just cracks and breaks when they (Ram Jack Company) try to lift the chimney up. I believe they said they've "stabalized it" but we're still not playing around it! Two stones have already fallen off during its "surgery".

When S sends me more photos I'll add a few here and there, so check back from time to time!

On Sunday evening we had the wonderful pleasure of a visit from Jeni-Joy, Carlindo and their two little girls from California. We had a lovely catch-up visit and supper. Uncle Robin is in SA as we speak, for two months. He took Aunty Loretta's ashes to be buried with Gailee's at HBC.
Enough newsy news for now. Next time I'll give you my ideas on the Canaanites.
Until then, happy Sabbath. May you find that true rest in Christ as you rest physically from all your labours of the week.


  1. Just wanted to stop by and say "Hi"! Sorry about the tooth pain, feel better soon, my friend!
    Happy Sabbath to you!

  2. Thanks, Sharie! I do feel MUCH better thank you.