Sunday, January 27, 2008


like this frog who is trying to hide in our azalea bushes. Isn't he sweet though? He let us hold his cool, wet body and calmly hopped back to his little leaf afterward. We didn't tell him but he should have been on some lichen.

Here is our next sweetie, Cy. She was born on Christmas day and only 2-3 weeks early instead of the 2 months we thought it might be! She's a month old now and starting to pay more attention to what's around her. Here she's looking to see what C and the cat, "Monkey", are doing.

This little country church is about 2 miles from our house. This is the typical little white country church in Tennessee.

The next few photos at the airport must be seen in sequence. S decided to try out his new camera's quick takes feature (yeah, I know I don't have the technical term!). It just so happened that as C was running toward him, a plane started up and these photos are truly her expressions of horror and fright (albeit a bit dramatically as is her fashion sometimes!).

All is well!! Whew!
So, these are some photos from the past week and beyond. Some of them are from the late fall, others from the summer, and the baby is from this week.

I didn't get to the blog making this Friday due to taking up time emptying our iPhoto folders. Whew! That was amazing. Anyway, it has really speeded things up by freeing up some memory space. I won't even tell you how many photos were deleted. Of course we've made copies on discs!

This week has been cold and frosty - but at least it really feels like January for a change. Caridee has been in the garage at night even though that's not really toasty warm by any stretch (in the high 50's). At least it's not in the teens like outside.

Some big news - C has just finished the Suzuki Cello Book 2 and is now officially starting Book 3 - as soon as I go buy it!. Congrats, C, you've worked hard.

Til next time, may the road come up to meet you, or something like that! (just not too hard, ha ha) and may the wind blow softly in your face (boy, do I have it all wrong!?). Anyway, my kindly thoughts are with you all, especially M&D who celebrated their wedding anniversary today. Congrats to you too!

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