Friday, February 1, 2008

Pinch and a Punch!

for the first of the month!

This time last year we had a snowfall and had a snow day. This year it's cold and wet today.

On Monday C and I spent a good bit of the day at the Creative Discovery Museum. The new exhibit was called "Moneyville" and was all about how money is important, the history of it, it's value in different countries, plus some practical games and situations using play money, including making change on a computer game. Although C was at first reticent to play that one, since it was a school day, I made her play at least some, and in the end that was her favorite thing and she wanted to keep on doing it......(Mom says "Yay!"). We also had the opportunity to make our own "money" including a print out of it and a photo of oneself in the middle. Of course, C chose the 1 million denomination every time for her money, so now we're millionaires! Perhaps I'll donate a million to charity tomorrow....

On Tuesday we had our CHE day, studying about the eyes. After lunch we did First Aid at our Keeper's club meeting. It's hilarious to hear the kids' solutions to various medical emergencies! Hopefully we're setting them straight! In the evening C and I went to an "Escape School" programme - not scary at all, says C- at Spalding. I think we learned a lot that hopefully we'll never have to put into practice.

Heard a disturbing bit of news on local radio today - yes, the SS has arrived in the US. Right here in our local city, we are having a training program for regular citizens - your friends and neighbors - to be trained in the ways of the police. They are to be "spies" (though they're not saying that) in your friendly neighborhood and are to report any activity that is suspicious (in their minds). Some will even get radar "guns" to monitor your speed as you drive through the neighborhood and report you to the police who will then write you a friendly warning. To me, it doesn't seem like the old "neighborhood watch" going on here. So, do we live in the US of A or have we somehow become the USSR (of 20 yrs ago) or China? The lines are becoming somewhat blurred to me! Does this not strike you as a bit strange and antagonistic? Am I going to talk as freely to my neighbors any more? Will we be able to trust anyone? Pretty soon it won't only be crimes, but what we believe, or our lifestyle, or the way we're raising the kids....

Deep breath - I'll move on......

At GVE we're learning all about Roman numerals - quite fun - until it gets tedious! In cello, we're working on Berceuse in Book 3 and starting to do a little vibrato - much anticipated.

S did some handiman work around the house yesterday. Fixed a fluorescent light in our schoolroom, fixed a motion sensitive spotlight at the back door, fixed another issue with the heat pump and other various things. Yay!

And that about covers our 'extra' doings this week. The rest is all routine as usual. I am trying out some new recipes that S picked out. Quite good! (I must admit, I've only made one so far.) Anyhoo, IT was excellent, and quickly devoured. There will be more....

This photo is from before Christmas at G and J's.

Is that you, Darth Vader, in the back?

We're waiting to hear how G and J's trip to Indiana went. We hope they found good things. I'm sure they'll let everyone know in their weekly missive.

Prayer is key. It's our connection, easy to lose....."Pray, that ye enter not into temptation".

Have a great week.

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