Friday, February 15, 2008

Fresh Air is Good

Here are some wise, inspired words from Ministry of Healing in the chapter Contact with Nature:
Outdoor life is the only remedy that many invalids need. It has a wonderful power to heal diseases....
There are life-giving properties in the balsam of the pine, in the fragrance of the cedar and the fir, and other trees also have properties that are health restoring.....
Plans should be devised for keeping patients out of doors...
Exercise in the open air should be prescribed as a life-giving necessity. And for such exercise there is nothing better than the cultivation of the soil....
In nature may always be found something to divert the attention of the sick from themselves and direct their thoughts to God. Surrounded by His wonderful works, their minds are uplifted from the things that are seen to the things that are unseen. The beauty of nature leads them to think of the heavenly home, where there will be nothing to mar the loveliness, nothing to taint or destroy, nothing to cause disease or death.

I hope you all are able to enjoy the outdoors. Lately I haven't been getting out enough - this cold, biting wind and frosty air is enough to keep me indoors more than I should! C got out this week quite a bit though, and didn't seem to notice the temperature!

We had a child bride this week, thanks to Aunty J who made a lovely wedding dress and veil.

We've had several practice runs though miss bride still isn't satisfied with the flowergirl who WILL drop all the petals in ONE spot.
Enough to make a bride grovel to pick them up for yet another practice!!
Poor B had a cold this week and to top it off, got pink eye on Thursday. It's very contagious so I hope the rest of us don't all suffer the same fate! I've been drinking charcoal this week for a different reason caused by a certain bacteria gone wild. The symptoms seem to be easing up, thank goodness.

A peek in to C's cello group class with Mrs. Burnham:

There's nothing too earth-shattering this week to report. Home-school is going well with more ups than downs. We're about done with first grade, I'd say, so are well into the 2nd grade stuff now. C is doing a bit more reading aloud in our Bible time, where she'll read one or so of our stories. She is used to reading to herself so her fluency is probably needing to improve - I'm sure this will help. Writing is also coming along and we're focusing on keeping each letter the same size.

Caridee has been joining us in the schoolroom, as well as occasionally Bud, Missy and Sunny. Bud and Caridee have a tentative relationship now but not too friendly from Bud's perspective. It's amazing how quick Caridee is to jump out of reach of Bud's claws! She'll stick her nose way in toward him then jump back as quick as lightning as he strikes. Everytime she barks she quickly looks at me to see if I'll spray her. She knows she's not supposed to bark inside the house.

As you can see, I'm scraping the barrel for something to say, so will end now and get an early night for a change. S is over at the Univ. seeing if anyone will be stargazing tonight. I think there are too many clouds! No doubt he'll find someone to chat with though.

Happy Valentine's from this giraffe in Florida! Do you see the heart? That's for YOU! They told us he was even born on February 14. Nice story!! :-)

Hope you all had a great week. Take care.


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  1. Happy weekend to you and your family. I've tagged you on my blog, so please check there for details! Enjoy the Sabbath, my friend!