Friday, March 14, 2008

And now I'm Seven

Can't believe it's been 3 weeks since the last blog! Only seems like two! Anyway, this blog will be about the big party #7 for C which we celebrated 2 weeks ago on Sunday. The weather could not have been better - the most beautiful day so far this year! We've had snow lately, wind, rain and icy cold so we were glad and blessed to have caught such a great day for the birthday party - - and what a blessing, since we had arranged for our friend Mindy to bring her horse over for the kids to ride.

Fancy is fancy

What a sweet, well-behaved horse!

Sparkly hooves

The birthday cowgirl

Below, is the cake - a horse, a dog, cat, bird, ducks, flowers, tree and of course, the ubiquitous butterfly. The cake was easy this year - compared to pigs, castles and Strawberry Shortcake amongst others in years past

After the eats and presents, the kids had a wonderful time playing freeze tag and other games outside while the adults chatted.

 All in all a VERY lovely day thanks to all our friends, and Mindy with Fancy, the calm and well-behaved horse! Thank you all!

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