Friday, March 21, 2008

Visits and Volcanoes

We are blessed to have cousin Deirdre and two friends from Andrew's University in Michigan visiting us this long weekend. They've been catching up with friends here at Southern and just enjoying their spring break.

 (The arm bandage is a fake, by the way!)We had a neat time tonight playing instruments and singing from the hymnbook. Deirdre and C on violins, me on cello, S playing piano, and Miracle and Terrance singing. Now they're at vespers at the University. Tomorrow is the Sonrise walkthrough (an interactive walk through Jesus' last few days leading up to His crucifixion). C and I usually walk through part of it but don't include all the intense scenes!
This afternoon we got to go to a birthday party at Chuckee Cheese's. Whew - noisy!
And now for the part you're wondering about. Here is a volcano according to C - her breakfast porridge. Thought I'd just include that just for imagination's sake!

On Sunday we drove to Cohutta Springs for the Adventurer Family Fun day! Cold and windy but fun, especially for the kids. Here are a few pics of that wonderful event.Over 700 were officially registered - quite a crowd! Our local club's theme was "Wandering in the Wilderness". The kids had to go through a short obstacle course and at the end they received "manna". Most clubs had little rewards for their particular activity. Each club had a specific activity to do and the kids got a sticker for each club they did. Each child who participated also gets a "Family Fun Day" patch for their sash. Altogether there were 22 clubs and we only got through a little over half of them.

Well, I guess I'll have to talk more of the violins another time! We're still having a"ball"!
Happy Easter. (Passover is next month - funny that they're so far apart - a topic for a google search sometime! - I have heard various reasons...but need to refresh my memory)

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