Monday, September 14, 2009

September's School

Here's the latest camera-cam.

Here we are half way through September. We've been busy beavers, I promise. This past week I had an extra student for a couple days to make 3 in the class. (He is in 2nd grade).

Then we had a (4th grader) friend sleepover on Sab. night as her parents were to make an overnight trip to Atlanta. And oh, a month or so ago, we had another 3rd grader spend a couple days with us. (in photo)

             As you can see in this school edition, we're talking "grades" today! (wink, wink)

This past week I had ETSO (orchestra) rehearsals Sunday, Monday, Wednesday and Thursday nights and a CHADD meeting Tuesday night. S was out of town Friday

until this morning's early hours - he was at Reelfoot lake in Western Tennessee - the one that formed in a large earthquake over a hundred years ago. They looked in vain for a particular butterfly but had a good time doing it. C sent along some hitch-hikers who, according to the photos,

seemed to have had a good time themselves!

Apparently there was a HUGE number of frogs, and a corresponding number of snakes (to eat them of course!). Thankfully they didn't get our intrepid adventurers here.

Notice the large beaver house in the background.

Looking rather lonely...

Well, the orchestra concert was last evening at Veteran's Park. All went well even though the music was challenging, including Dvorak's 7th Symphony in d minor. Also on the programme was a Liszt piece (Les Preludes) and a von Suppe overture (Poet and Peasant). We did another short Dvorak piece for the encore. Great weather thankfully, and a nice turnout of people. We've had so much rain around here lately that it could have been touch and go.

School is going well and we're getting into a routine now. Even as I say that, I still keep tweaking the schedule from time to time as needed. Sometimes the writing takes longer than mentioned previously in August's auspicious blog!

The Lord is blessing us. So far we've avoided the H1N1 pandemic but I hear it's not that bad/virilent at the mo anyway. Let's hope it stays that way... We pray you all stay healthy!

Things are looking quite hopeful in the Visa department in London. We've been expecting R and fam. to return "within about 2 months" since February....but haven't given up hope. The Lord will work it all out in His good time, we know!

Take care, all.

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