Wednesday, September 16, 2009

More Photos

Finally downloaded pics from my camera dating back to August 15 so I'll include some of these here.

A canoe trip down the Hiwassee in mid-August. Ours is the green canoe.

Although this looks calm, the water was moving right along. As a lot of you know already, this water is VERY cold!! But quite refreshing on a hot summer day.

Uninvited guests at our picnic supper.

Relaxing after the trip. (The kids are all at the playground!)

Before the great crop!


Fieldtrip to Crabtree Farms.

Going to work in our own garden!

A sequence of our Haiti project. I should have taken more pics... Here, our dough is covered with plaster of paris strips. (Thank-you Google-earth for some topographical information!)

After painting, and glueing on bushes, grass and a few labels.

Close-up of Cap-Haitien (before the "buildings".)

Proud project owners - good job 3rd graders!

And now you're truly up-to-date - at least by what's in MY camera!

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