Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Fall is Here Again

The Dogwoods are looking very red and beautiful and the leaves are already falling even though many of the deciduous trees are still greenish. This week has been gorgeous weather - we've actually seen the blue, blue sky - and yesterday there was not a single cloud in the sky - not even a contrail!

"Scarf Dancers from Russia and the Dominican Republic" (wink, wink)

We've been enjoying our Fall Break from school this week although several things have kept going: piano lesson, CHE and today, Orchestra. C plays violin in the homeschool orchestra and cello in the 5th grade orchestra.

Last Monday we had a field trip to the CDM where the girls had a bunch of fun.

The travelling exhibit was on the handicapped.

For those across the pond, we have some recent pics of Soekie taken when we were up there about 2 weeks ago. She was happy and healthy. I didn't see the other cat....

This week we've had our first frosts of the season and my green house is now in use. I've planted lettuce; mustard greens; spinach (Swiss chard I think); and what was the other green again? I'll update you on that. S has a bunch of Blackberries, Raspberries and Blueberries ready to plant....can't wait to reap those!

Last Sabbath we had lunch with the Mihaescus - it was a very cold (in the 40's F) day with a cold drizzle mid afternoon but that didn't stop us from hiking, along with 2 other families, to a high point on the BT and enjoying hot chocolate and tea there around a little fire. I think it was about 20' lower than normal!

At the mo, I'm fighting a cold - or maybe it's larangitis?? - anyway, oink-oink, I think I'll be fine very soon. Now tonight C says she has a headache....

S is taking a lecture at the local Butterfly Club sometime in the next week or two. He has been working on a wonderful "powerpoint" (the Mac version though) of the over 100 butterflies they've photographed in Polk County. They now have the distinction of verifying the most number of species in any TN county. Wish you all could see his powerpoint presentation!
Here he is (dressed up for a banquet), getting a butterfly pic in Rhea county!

Well, news from our UK family is very encouraging - we hope to see you very soon - Let us know if you'll be arriving in Atlanta or Timbuktu and when to pick you up!


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