Friday, May 21, 2010

Leetle Owlies Grow up

Here are some family photos...of Molly and McGee's kids. They had four and this little sequence shows growth over about 2 weeks. I don't have screen shots of the eggs and their very early life as I didn't know how to take screen shots in those days... Anyway, they were ugly then! (Don't tell Molly!)

Let me look at you - THIS way

then THIS way...

Nope, it's no good.  Only upsidedown will do.

Here's a picture of 3 of us siblings. We're cute, aren't we? (Mommy Molly told us that!)

Here, let me kiss you, sweet brother.

A good view of our feathers coming in.  And, yes, I am trying them out - when I flap my wings, I seem to get lighter...hmmm.

Ahh, look at our sweet, round faces now!  Better take back those ugly words you said about us earlier!

Here we are outside our nest-box!  We're adventurous - but only at night!

During the day, we're as good as gold and stay safely in our box.

The rest of the story:  as of this week we're flying!  We take little excursions into the dark world exciting!

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