Friday, May 28, 2010

Visitors from Florida and Outer Space etc

Here we have some visitors from Florida. We enjoyed their company for a few days before they had to whip back to FL via a CAP meeting in Mississippi. (Doesn't sound like "via" to me, but I guess they had their reasons! :-))

Here is Alana who visited us from...well, let's just say she is a transformed friend! Do you recognize the face?? I don't know, but she seems VERY familiar!

And then, we were so greatly honored to have two visitors from space grace our company with their presence! They told us a lot about space (and how lonely it was up there!). We're glad they've decided to join the human race again on earth.

I'll be giving a more complete "picture" of our amazing, most wonderful and fascinating field trip to the Tellus Georgia Science museum in a future bulletin. Until then, Adios!

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