Thursday, October 21, 2010

Colourful Anniversary

Today was our anniversary.  We decided to take the 2 kids and look for some colour in the hills.  We headed over toward Tellico Plains and on up the Tellico river valley to Whigg Meadow, returning on the Cherohala Skyway.  These are some of the colours we saw here in beautiful east Tennessee. But first, just to let you know we're slightly schizophrenic in TN - we don't know whether it's autumn or spring - here is proof from nature itself!

Is it spring or fall? You tell us, 'cos we don't seem to know around here!

I LOVE Etowah's main street!  Sometimes one sees a horse and buggy here from the nearby Mennonite community.  Or maybe that's Benton.  They're both quite similar towns, really.

Into the mountains we go.  This is part of the Tellico River.

From higher up the valley. 


And more reflections

Best friends!

Trying to climb a waterfall.

This water is COLD, Mom!

Mmmm, an autumn picnic lunch!

Gotta be careful of those hauling trucks!

I love how the sunlight shines through these.

A gnome's woodland castle garden.  Now we're on a little side road called, I think, the Little North River road.  This one cuts across the way to the Whigg meadow road. The road is a little narrow for comfort but we managed somehow!

Peace, perfect peace!
A tunnel of yellows

Plenty of water.

In the spring the Rhododendrons are magnificent.

There's a yellow glow everywhere in the woods.

View of the beautiful colour on the way to Whigg meadow

Blogspot, what are you doing now?  I can't move this photo around in my blog.  It's like once it's here, you can't switch it around.  Anyway, this is on the way back from Whigg.  Looks like the Yellow Brick Road, doesn't it?

Whigg meadow was cold and windy.  We were happy to have brought warm coats.  Also, as you can see, the leaves have about left and it's very wintry-like already.  The elevation here is around 4949 feet.

Taking photos of the colour reflections.

Why go up to New England when you have Tennessee?

A Gnome's stool.  This is about the size of a quarter.

And that's the end of our slideshow, folk.  Come on up (or down) to Tennessee and do some leaf peeping. We have about another week or two of colour then we're "down to brown" until April. (And that's about the time I go into hibernation - November!)

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