Thursday, October 7, 2010

Who would have known...

that living in the country is more violent and dangerous than living downtown? Yesterday morning our dog, Caridee, came crawling home after being shot (presumably by a neighbor?)!  Miraculously she survived, with the bullet passing between major veins in her neck, through her trachea and on up between lungs, past the heart, and more major blood vessels, into the skin on her back!  After major surgery yesterday, she is now recovering in doggy hospital.

Thank goodness for doggy pain medicine!

Our poor baby.
This miracle story is so miraculous, in fact, that our vet has posted photos on his facebook page to show other vets and even regular doctors how the bullet missed so many major "landmines", as it were. You're one lucky doggy, Caridee!!

By the way, I'd like to recommend Dr. Dickinson in Ooltewah if you're looking for a good vet! This is his description of the x-ray below: Gun shot. Ruptured trachea. Massive subcutaneous emphysema. Collapsed left lung. 2 broken ribs....... And of course, bullet fragment. (and microchip).
One of the vet's X-rays
After surgery, this is what he had to say: entry wound in neck, went through thoracic inlet, chest, and lodged in subq on left lat chest. NO MAJOR VESSELS/NERVES DAMAGED! Amazing!

Looking much better on Friday - see tail wagging?

Enjoying all the attention!

On Sunday the drip is out but still draining from the thoracic cavity (somewhere!)

Looking forlorn that she has to go back into the cage!

She came home on Monday late afternoon but here she is back in hospital on Tuesday.

Now I have to dodge a bullet myself - $$$!  If you don't see another posting, you'll know I didn't survive!


Poor baby got a blood clot, paralyzing her hind legs.  Poor prognosis, but Dr. is willing to try coumadin. Later: This is the last photo of her....sadly, we had to put her to sleep after things didn't look good at all...RIP, my sweet, precious doggy!
She'll be greatly missed!


  1. I am so, so sorry. I hate to hear that. I was just stopping by to see what had happened with the doggie. So sad that it isn't good news.
    I am so close with my animals that it just about kills me when something happens to them. Hope you and the kids are doing okay. I'll be thinking of you...

  2. Thanks Angie. It has been really difficult. She was one of a kind and so part of the family! Thanks for your kind wishes.