Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Another Snow day (s)

We had another 7 - 8 inches (about 18 or more cm) of powdery white cold stuff starting on Sunday night.  Yay, we get some more snow days!  I thank the Lord our electricity is holding, but if not, we have plenty of water and wood for the fire!
The wind must have been blowing as the porches are covered too.

I just LOVE this stuff!

These are inches.  After this it snowed some more.

A drift in the trampoline

Magnolia and Pine patterns

I see someone's been on the swing already!

Building an igloo

Getting higher - today (2nd day) the snow is packing like glue!

and higher......

2nd day the sled goes easier


What's wrong with the Husky!?

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