Thursday, December 30, 2010

Addicting Stats

Stats are interesting - almost addicting to follow.  Today's visitors were from the US, Russia, the UK, Netherlands, South Korea, Poland and Slovenia.  So far this week you can add Germany, Romania, France and Hungary to that list. 'Twould be interesting to know who you fine people are (and what you're looking for.) It sometimes helps to know who one's audience is, yes?
Anyway, the Clustrmap has a lag time of a few days it seems, which is fine I suppose, though why it should have to be longer than an instant, I don't know!  We get so used to technology and it's instantaneous results that our expectations may be unrealistic! Or are they?  Why shouldn't the results be instantaneous?

Later:  Doing some more comparing, it seems the clustrmap is about ten days behind the regular stats! (and prolly those are behind a few days too).

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