Saturday, December 25, 2010

Our White Christmas

Double blessing - Christmas on a Sabbath!  Or should I say triple blessing - 4 inches (10cm) of snow to boot!  Here are some photos of the day.

We woke up to snow falling - already making our world white.

We decided to go on a drive.  Here is one of our favourite houses in the snow.

Side view of it.  Look at all the fireplaces!

Coating everything of course. 

We drove up to LBA - surprisingly there was less snow there!

At the "lake" we had some nice shots.

Back home we found all this snow waiting for us to play in.

Another one for the Comcam.

Our cosy house.

As you can see, it really IS 4 inches (and a bit...)

The trampoline is groaning under the weight.

Christmas/Sabbath lunch all ready to eat (at 3:30pm)

Our little centerpiece

Sunny loves his little snugglespot on top of the firewood.

A decent sized snowman for a change.

Let's play with our Xmas toys.

Having Christmas fun.

Who are these 3 little rascals?

Daddy opening his Christmas surprise! (he got the biggest present!)

And that's a little glimpse of our Xmas.  Hope yours was lovely too.  Next year, we've decided we need to tone down OUR Christmas and bring more cheer to the poor and needy. And perhaps we won't even have to wait til Xmas!

Feliz Navidad to all and sundry! and a very blessed new year!

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