Saturday, December 18, 2010


Just started the little app. called clustrmaps on here.   Now you'll get to see where everyone is visiting from.  Also, there are some ads along with the blog.  If that annoys you, let me know and if enough people don't like them, I'll take them away. (They're not too lucrative anyway, ha ha, although some of them do look interesting.  Unfortunately I'm not allowed to click on my own ads! ) Oh well.

Today we got to celebrate two birthdays of friends at their house.  One of the ladies also visiting them was from Haiti and gave a very moving account of her escape from the recent earthquake.  I was fortunate to get most of it on tape so will put it on Youtube one of these days - as soon as I can arrange for a Creole translation to English.  So keep watching for that.

Here it is:

Another bit of news is that Booboo is missing - has been since Wednesday.  Am thinking he has had a fatal run-in with raccoons!  Not a pleasant thought.  Very sad.  Spent 2 hours this afternoon tramping the woods and roads all around here to no calling and some looking in the previous 2 days.  So I know he's not just having a little jaunt as usual.

PS: Looking at the regular "stats" they give for this blog, I see that today's visitors came from the US, the United Kingdom, Russia, Vietnam, Germany, Slovenia, Brazil, France, Croatia, Romania and Sweden.  However, the clustrmap doesn't show that - perhaps there is a lag...we'll keep watching!  Thank you for visiting.

PPS: Later on Booboo:  Several people from the area believe a coyote got the cat.  Apparently it's not uncommon for them to take cats!

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