Sunday, May 22, 2011

Clean-up is happening! There IS hope - it CAN be done!

Corner of Clonts and Apison Pike.
Sorry about the Out of focus - this was taken by a friend while we were driving around since I didn't get this exact shot - but it's from facebook.... the resolution is poefy! (horrible)
Here is the exact same corner 3 weeks later.

Putting up a new house! (about May 30)

Trusses almost all on (May 31)
Progress (June 1)

In the middle of clean-up

Looking quite different again.

Lake's house the day after the tornado

Almost 3 weeks later

Almost gone...(we had worked here the day before this was taken)


Along Apison Pike
Partly cleared

The heartbreaking day after

Cleaning up the mess
Only foundation slabs left

The Quinn's house several days after
House is now gone.
 I guess they might rebuild.
Clearing for the foundation
Starting to dig the foundation.  (In the meantime, the Quinns are staying in the camping trailer you can see on the far right)

Salvaging belongings

A couple weeks later

Looking for our old cottage

There it is again

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