Friday, May 13, 2011

Garden of Eden versus Valley of Destruction

Just to let you know the South is alive and well, and still has its sense of humor:
Yep, it's an "open" house all right!

People have been rallying 'round to help.  The tents on the right are filled with water and food for anyone who needs it, and crews have been working non-stop to clear this corner for someone in need.
And just over the hill --- the garden of Eden....survivor's guilt rears its ugly head again....

Mushrooms by our hemlock

C took some of these photos.  Here we get a nice close-up.

Ah, my little rose bush is growing and is SO beautiful.

And to think I "rescued" it from a potential construction site! (In the background, S is hard at work weed-eating the ditch). Any ideas on how to kill the grass growing up inside the rosebush??

A week or so later

Our Magnolia blooms again (and they smell heavenly)

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