Friday, November 18, 2011

Kitty sagas

Nothing is ever easy at this house when it comes to our pets.  We have one geriatric 17 1/2 yr old cat who can't poop in his box so it's on the floor next to it!   Now we also have a young female stray outside who has adopted us (DANG!). Then we have Sunny who lately has been getting into fights even though he is a fixed male. This is what we saw over a month ago!

What on earth, Sunny?!  (it's red b/c I put mecurochrome on it)

What is going on?  It doesn't look like the skin is broken.....but I was wrong!  The vet says he got scratched/punctured and an abscess formed.  And of course he couldn't leave it alone - licking and licking!

This is what you get when you lick stuff, Sunny, my boy!  Unfortunately I didn't have this BEFORE he licked it to death.  We took him to the vet and he stitched him up.  This healed up nicely; I took the stitches out and lo and behold - the next day he got into another fight and re-injured the first place, ripping it open again and getting another couple injuries, one on the side of his abdomen and another small one on his face!  Back to the vet we go after the side one abscessed....

 This is what the vet had to do on our second visit.
Only half of it was stitched for some reason...the vet knows I'm sure - maybe for drainage....
Unfortunately, the lower part doesn't seem to be healing.

This is the first shoulder injury healed up pretty much.  It's all matted because I had pine sap on it - unfortunately, that stuff gets on everything when it's put on a cat - and it's next to impossible to clean up!
Poor boy can't clean himself and has been miserable the last few weeks.  I tried taking the Elizabethan collar off and five minutes later he was licking the side injury!  So it's back on for you, my boy.  Plus you have to stay inside (what a travesty).  Matted hair, balding spots - what trials and tribulations!!  I feel for you and sincerely wish this was over!!

Serenity NOW!

Update Nov. 23:
Healing nicely, finally!
This is a side-kick note: Someone commented that Bud was just looking into this shoe and passed here he is....ha ha, poor boy!

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