Wednesday, December 7, 2011

A "Grand" comes to visit

We had a tiny 2 month old visitor this summer - tiny, but he made his presence known and was consistently the center of attention!  What a sweetie.  Here's his account of his visit:

Here I am laughing with Mama

Let me try to copy what she's doing with her tongue!

Ha ha, that's funny!

I'm a cutie! Did you know that?

Mommy and Daddy were glad to see me so peaceful and sleeping as I'd had bouts of collywobbles recently. I don't like collywobbles - and Mommy doesn't like me to have them either!

 ZZZZZZZzzzzzzzz - dreamland is so fascinating....

With Great Granny and my Daddy

With Great Granny and Grandpa - they're all the way over here from South Africa to see me!

I know I'm loved......

Four generations

Oh, I'm such a good looking boy! Yessirree!

Grandpa is taking me flying - it's a little scary - but I'm hanging on!!

Bye for now....we hope to have more pics sometime soon.  It's nice that Daddy has a website just for I know Granny and Grandpa and Great Granny and Grandpa visit me there a lot!   Those of you who know about it may visit his very own little website with MANY more not going to advertise it here!  Gotta protect these little ones!

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