Friday, April 6, 2012

Gee Creek PF campout

Here are some pics from our recent (Mar 16-18) campout to Gee Creek.

Yes, we had some wouldn't be a PF campout without it, right?  Thank goodness for this great taup!

Pretty wet, yeah!  We even had to cover the fire!

The Hiwassee running fast.

Eating lunch around the fire.

Pretty blossoms

Companions cooking over a fire

Frying potatoes, baking them and boiling eggs.

On Sabbath afternoon the rain cleared up (yay) and we went for a walk.  On the walk we saw this Squaw root.

I think some kids got more wet than they anticipated!

Kinda liked this tree eating/hugging some rocks....

Pink and Green!  A threesome of Companions show their colors.

After the rain cleared up around 10am Sabbath morning, we had a wonderful time - the weather turned out perfect - not too hot, not too cold - JUST RIGHT!  The weekend ended too soon, as usual!

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