Friday, April 6, 2012

Garden news

Since we've had a very mild winter, everyone's been very gung-ho to get going on their gardens.  Hold on, though, next week is supposed to get into the 30's overnight on several nights...  I'll have to cover the basil, put the little tomatoes back in the greenhouse, bring in the houseplants and cover some other things.....we should KNOW around here not to get gung-ho about planting before April 15!!
Scary, huh?

The warm days are encouraging
Today, being a "day off", I've been working outside most of the day and now am "pooped"!  So am definitely going to let the photos do the talking!

The red clover seemed to take forever to bloom....Here it is about two weeks ago taking its merry time.   Sunnyboy the cat has been banned to the house until he can learn to LEAVE THE WRENS AND THEIR NEST ALONE!!!  Do you hear that, you monster?!

Finally about 10 days ago it came to life!

Red clover is so beautiful!

The bees, bumblebees, butterflies and many other flying insects liked it too.

Spot the bee contest....

Then sadly, today we had to mow it all down in preparation for some tilling....I'm sad for the bees and such, although we did leave them some at the sides.  Boetie is coming on Sunday to till with a large tiller - our little Mantis would die doing this patch. (as well as I...)
Well, there you have an update on our gardening escapades the past week.  Oh, and I'll show you a pic of the greenhouse:

The little greenhouse with shade cloth

 I had to throw in the two compost piles as well.  Wow, quite different from how it looks today - will have to take another one to show you the difference!

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