Sunday, October 21, 2012

About time...

to add to this blog (I'm actually writing this in December but dating it to the day these pics were taken).  People - - don't take so MANY photos and videos - it fills up your disc space and you can't download any more!  Ok, Ok, I know about iCloud and all those other cyber storage spaces  -  call me old-fashioned...

So - here are some more photos - haven't decided of WHAT yet but I'll go check in the photo album and see what I come up with!
My goofy girls

Up at the apple farm

Hi Sweetie!

Hi Precious!

What a gorgeous fall day on Dayton mountain

Lets see if I can push this ladder in (she didn't really).

Life is good!

Where shall we take this thing?

Easy does it!


How about to that island!

Please steer this thing!

While others nap....

Ah - we made it!

Now where to?

Still napping....

Time for canoe now.

Two little indians.

Look at the amazing colours!

Still napping.....

Learning to steer this thing too!

Beautiful day!
This was in October 2012.

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