Saturday, October 20, 2012

Pathfinder Southern Union Camporee

Some pics of our recent trip to Florida for the SU Camporee - along with 5 to 6000 other pathfinders in the union.

Camp map

Photo taking

Rope Lashing

The Spring with the blob


Wave Pool in the quiet phase

Water slide (loved this!)

Towards the enjoyable Lazy River

From in the Lazy River

Doing the Dutch Oven honor - the stew, biscuits and apple crisp were excellent!

The rodeo was at 4pm on Thursday

The girls' tents, looking towards the "cafeteria" canopy

Lining up on Sabbath for our march to church

All 6000 pathfinders marched to church....!

Watching the others go by until we joined them - it took about 30 minutes (or so it seemed) just for them all to pass by.  We were near the end of GC Conference but another whole conference was behind us.

At church - a WARM experience - with little shade!

The stage

Three friends outside the zoo

2-yr old Fred (??).  He was energetically playing with an old plastic wire reel most of the time - his favorite toy while it lasts.

A large old cypress here - what? it started growing around the time of Daniel the Prophet??  Amazing!

Along a boardwalk in the swamp

I love these twisty roots.  I have a lot of photos of knees and roots in various shapes and contortions.

Peace and tranquility

and no mosquitoes either!

Enjoying the cool, refreshing waters of the spring

Before the Sabbath program

Evening program - everyone received glow sticks.
And that brought the camporee to a close.  We had awesome weather and had a good time.  I'd definitely do it all again - although might bring a thicker mattress!  These photos in no way cover all the 84 possible activities provided for the pathfinders but I hope it gives you a small idea of some of them.

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