Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Bats out of ..... a cave.

No, not like bats out of hell.  Here is a little local trip we made to see about 100 000 bats coming out of their cave just after sunset one evening.  Yes, the bats themselves are just blurs but you get the idea.  We canoed and kayaked there with a couple friends - a 15-20 minute paddle.  Also while there we saw a Heritage train go by.  Hubby knows more - I don't....

Unloading the canoe

Stay still, will you!

Approaching the cave.  It's fenced across the entrance to protect the bats, (and humans who might get lost there...once, a scuba diver had only minutes of air left before being rescued)

The dog was wise to remain still, ha ha.  So cute!

Every now and then a large fish would jump out of the water which startled poor Murphy dog.

Minutes before sunset

The train track went right by us on a finger of land.

Sun almost down,  the cave is directly behind us.

Taken from below the lip of the cave looking up.

Enhanced a bit

Photo enhanced and shadows lightened

More and more bats.....

The only sound was the quiet whirring of wings and a squeak every now and then.

This is a sight to see, local Chattanoogians - you don't have to go to Mammoth or Carlsbad to see thousands of bats emerging.  It's quite literally awe-inspiring here in your own backyard!

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