Saturday, August 3, 2013

Summary of Summery activities

Since my camera is now NON waterproof, I am very limited in the amount of photos I can take,  so this is really barely representative of some of the things, especially water related doings.

Waiting for the plunge.  Later in the afternoon a train went by - usually only a once-or-twice-a-day event.

Wishing she could jump!

A rescued Lunar moth whose abdomen had been eaten by a fish.

The water was high

Looking downstream

Looking upstream

A bucketful of harvest

This summer we had a LOT of this!  Over 17 inches of rain ABOVE NORMAL.

Pasta in a pot

Did some tomato canning

The three water ballerinas

Lake Conasauga

Another character at the lake

What fun we had off this dock.

Daddy coming closer in the canoe

Packing up to go home

Lots of rain makes jungle.  This is my compost area.....or it WAS.

Our cute greenhouse/garden shed.

The grassy patch masquerading as a vegie garden.  Oh, sadness!

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