Monday, July 15, 2013

Amazing Clouds from a plane

Flying back from Boston we saw these magnificent clouds and views:

Prolly over Pennsylvania - clouds getting thicker. Looking west.

Looking east

Can you see the other plane?  It was going crosswise under us - looked like it was moving sideways - but that's how it looks from the air.

Pennsylvania or West Virginia

I was getting a little apprehensive looking at the clouds getting bigger and bigger

The clouds stick up like nebulae.  I see the horse-head nebula...just facing the other way.

A monstrous mushroom cloud looms ahead...oh shiver me timbers!
As we came alongside this monster I feared for my life!  This is when you realize you're just a speck in the grand scheme of things....

The scale is humbling.

Frightening but oh, so fascinating....Still, amazingly, a smooth ride!

Eery clouds within clouds

Rolls of cloud in the monster's stomach.  The cloud top hangs like an umbrella overhead.

Finally get past that one and now over Tennessee or Kentucky.

Breaking free

The Tennessee river is looking really high but they're letting water out of the dam at a huge rate.

Now we're mostly under the clouds

Ah, a familiar road and we're almost home!

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