Monday, July 15, 2013

Maine Againe

To Cathay, to Cathay, on my little horse of gray.....

Our visit to Maine this year was more muted - uh, gray.  I prefer to call it silver.  Nevertheless it was warm and we still accomplished quite a bit.  Here again, are some photos from the 3 lucky family members' trip!  (It wasn't by lottery, I promise! Wish ya'll could have come...)

We left in the pouring rain....hoping, alas, to leave it behind.  Well, we did for a day or so.

Bucksport harbour - lowish tide

Top of Cadillac Mtn in Acadia Nt'l park.  Looking down on Bar Harbor.

Sand Beach - kids were up to their necks in the icy water!  They must be used to from Alaska or something.

I remember a photo of myself like this near the same age....always upside down!

Thunder Hole.  It rumbles like thunder, don't you wonder?

Oh, isn't this so much like Roan Mountain? (inside joke)

Seal harbor??  Somewhere on Mt. Desert Island.

Bar Harbor shows off

Some lucky guy made a catch.

We walked across to Bar Island during low tide.

We had ice-cream about every day.

Happy Hour?  Whatever....


Belfast catching the sun - too bad my camera isn't that great!

Near Point Clyde

Perennial gardens all around the Maine coast were gorgeous!

The sign here said "Stay back 100 feet when you hear the foghorn blow".  I guess you'd have to sprint like crazy, or be a prophet!

Somewhere over the rainbow....

The gulls know when a catch has come in!

Having a five minute swim.

Getting worked on in the dry dock.

Clearing off something or other

Another pier at low tide

The moving docks are fun

Our private beach at low tide

Hermit crab playing hard to get.

Boothbay Harbor

Time Out? Sit back down, lady!

Pink Lady II - the boat we went whale watching on.

Sailboat so pretty

The last lighthouse to be run by a family

On the whale watch.  We saw a Fin Whale (second largest mammal).

I can't resist a blue hydrangea...

This is one of those "missed opportunity" pictures - we had just passed a picturesque lady on her rowboat - didn't get camera out in time - so now, as we rounded the bend by the cove, you can see her as a speck in the mist....Agh!

 And that's the last photo I'm including here.  Next blog will have AMAZING cloud photos on the plane ride home.  At least they were amazing clouds.....

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