Saturday, July 6, 2013

Upper Hiwassee

These are just a few upper Hiwassee photos.  Since I don't have a waterproof camera anymore, these are very limited edition.  This trip was on June 29.

At the top, D realized his float had a large hole in it.  The car tire tube is totally inadequate but someone had to go on it.....We all had a turn except D who was too big!  During my turn I got a banged up swollen knee and ankle to show for it and R almost got hypothermia! Ugh!

During a calm section

This is L who had never been in a canoe or, it seems, on the river before in his life!  But he sure enjoyed the ride!

The weather held out for us.

Peace before the rough

Looking down in a shallow section

On the way home through the farming valleys

Heading up the 30.

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