Friday, September 21, 2007

Autumn days

Our dogwoods are turning shades of dark red and with the cooler mornings, it seems autumn is here - how long it'll stay is another question. Tomorrow it's supposed to reach 88'F which doesn't sound very fall-like to me. Well, that's the nature of the season.

On Wednesday I met a lady in the library who gave a lovely little memory tool for remembering how Jesus was schooled. Think of the directions on a compass: N for Nature, E for Experience, S for Scripture and W for work. I guess these are the important methods most effective in teaching our children.

We had a full week. In history this week C learned about the Mesopotamians. She enjoys the social interaction a lot and doesn't want to miss this class. On Wednesday she went to a princess party where all the little girls got to dress up as princesses. (Makes me want to move to a little log cabin in Montana right now!) Twice this week she had Gymkids - I learned she's not in the minimasters - that's a different group of older kids. She is so pleased to be getting lower in her splits.

Cello has been tough this week - what with the Christmas piece and a hymn as extra stuff to do, as well as a new book of sight reading and rhythm pages called: Learn to read Music for Cello. We're on yet another new piece - Musette by Bach, who is never easy to learn - which has a number of tricky bowings.

S is back from Atlanta. While he was gone he received a FedEx package of new shoes from Australia - cheaper to buy them from there and pay shipping than to buy them even locally. So - might as well, since the plane is flying here anyway, right?

Our Facebook pages keep growing with "Friends" - where do they find you? I guess friends of friends of friends and networks here and there. Various people were asking me to be their friends way back in June or finally broke down and now find it quite fun to hook up with people WAAAY back when and others one has just lost touch with.

The only downfall - it takes TIME. As does this, for that matter. Nevertheless this is for specific people who might be interested in what is happening in the Johnson household since I'm not a good correspondent anymore. Plus, I never have the hours it takes to keep up with folk on the phone!

Here we are at a company picnic in June. Yes, these photos are relatively old - will have to update our iPhoto file one of these days.

Tomorrow we start a 12 week Footprints class - mentoring one's kids to know Jesus better and become His disciples. From the KID program started here in Collegedale - Kids in Discipleship. Hope it is helpful and it will surely be inspiring.

Enough for one week.


  1. Looks like Robert behind you. Also looks like the comments work now.


  2. Yes, there is a family-like resemblance, isn't there?