Thursday, September 13, 2007

A visit today

So nice to see Raewyn again after 6 years. She showed us lots of photos of the Cape - the sea, the mountains, the nature reserves, and of course, the relatives and where they live now. Thanks, Raewyn. We'll see you again soon since you'll be in Cleveland for another 4 weeks or so.

We had some much needed rain this week and the mornings for the past 2 days have been pleasantly cool and fresh. The only things producing in the garden nowadays are the ochra, basil, a few little cherry tomatoes, and the carrots which we haven't picked yet. I still need to research on when to pick them. I always thought it was when you could see the orange root sticking above the they're flowering - they look like Queen Anne's Lace. Guess I'll check tomorrow.

This is what our harvests looked like in July:

This week we started "gymkids". Sort of informal gymnastics - tumbling - coached by the Gymmasters. I think they call the kids "Minimasters". C loves it so far. That means something every afternoon but Fridays. Today we had cello group. They're learning a long, involved Christmas piece arranged by a local composer. I'm glad they're starting it now! Last Sabbath she played a cello piece at a local assisted living center where we sang, listened to a story, did a Bible quiz and heard other instrumental solos by a couple other kids. I think we'll be doing that the second Sabbath of every month.

For French we're doing the Rosetta Stone program which we get free from our local library. Isn't that nice? Usually it's a good few hundred dollars.

Well, our trees are already starting to turn and look a bit stressed - they had a tough spring with a late hard freeze, and then some prolonged time with very little rain this past summer. So we'll see - maybe not much of a fall show.

The Doug Batchelor meetings are winding down - I think only 3 more to go. He's a great speaker and not afraid to speak the truth.

S is in Arizona - left today, comes back tomorrow. Yes, the joys of the corporate jet! SO much better than going commercial. Then next week he takes a class in Atlanta. Must be fun.

See? Nothing earth shattering.....
Til later!

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