Friday, September 7, 2007

Time to Start

This seems like a good time to start blogging - have been meaning to for a while - though have nothing earth shattering to say.

Some things happening in our lives right now:

School for C has been going 3 weeks. She's doing very well adjusting to the new schedule after a long, busy summer of play, swimming, music, friends, parties, camping trips and taking care of our vegetable garden and pets. Better busy than getting into trouble!
So, school mostly consists of: Bible, Cello and piano practice every day, Math, English, Afrikaans, Spanish and French, Science, Handwriting, PE, Home Ec (we belong to a Keepers of the Home club), Social Studies, art and plenty of breaks for chores and play inbetween.

This blog is mostly for people who know us - I think you'll be able to guess who S, L and C are... In advance, I'll just say that these entries will be short for the most part - as an update to family and friends across the ocean and around the world.

Just to let you know that Doug Batchelor's series "Here We Stand" started tonight on 3ABN and you can live stream on These meetings are a shot in the arm and for any Bible believing Christian, a must-see. Time: 7-8:30pm EDT but are probably archived for those in majorly different time zones.

I'll be adding some photos sometime soon. In the meantime, cheerio for now!

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