Friday, May 30, 2008

Odd and Ends

Here we are at the end of May already. What beautiful Spring weather we're having. Here are some photos from the garden this week. (I'm afraid they're not the exact replacements...I'm doing the best I can with limited photos available - ugh!)

My side of the garden is on the left, S's side on the right.

Taken from S's area.

Taken from my area. The white pathways are covered in newspaper - hoping that will keep the weeds down! For the time being, I'm out of newspaper...can you believe that?

Hopefully a good sign for a wonderful fig crop - tiny figs are starting to develop. Last year the frost killed them and we had about 2 figs. The previous year we had a bumper crop so hopefully we'll repeat that!

Time to relax and enjoy the balmy spring weather.

News this week:

G and J have moved up to Indiana. The Motorhome they were using to move with had 2 flat tires and they were forced to leave it temporarily until they could get some proper tires somewhere. They had to make it up to Franklin for the closing by noon. I guess we'll get an update on that situation soon.

Cousins Gill,Mark and Raewyn will be visiting us this weekend. They're travelling down from Michigan today. We pray they'll have a safe trip. Next week I'll be able to put some photos of them on the blog, hopefully.

Another sad turtle - caught by Dozer! BAD DOG! This turtle is in the bath downstairs - we made a temporary terrarium for him/her. This time I've learned a lesson - don't let them outside til they're healed - the flies will get them. I'm praying 3rd time lucky. (By the way, nobody has given me any ideas for rehabbing turtles - I'm patiently waiting...)

This weekend is Campmeeting here. Lots of out-of-town folk around and about.

And that's all for this week. Maybe we'll have something exciting to report next time!
Happy Sabbath to all.


  1. What a beautiful garden! It inspires me to want to do something in ours. Also loved the wedding pictures, bride did look stunning indeed, and so happy! - it really looked like a lovely day. Its great being able to see what you're up to, send love to all

  2. Thanks, Kym! Wish you could come visit us. Will comment more on your site. Take care!