Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Wedding Bells

The big day finally arrived. M and A's wedding on May 11, 2008. After many conflicting weather reports - no-one seemed to know what was going to happen! - it ended up with only a 10 or 20% chance of rain. That was the big issue in this outdoor wedding. However, we didn't count on the other (rare in these parts) demon - the wind! No rain all day but VERY STRONG WINDS - seeming gale force for Tennessee. Other than that, everything went very smoothly and well with no obvious hitches anywhere. The rest of this blog will be mostly photos - as the saying goes, one picture is worth a thousand words.....

A secret is shared - C with the two other children: I and Co.

This is 4-yr old I - son of M. Very cute - did a great job as Bible boy.

The ceremony in full swing - "Junior Bridesmaid who dropped petals" making her entrance.

M's father performed the ceremony - a qualified Presbyterian pastor. He preached an excellent homily and everything went very smoothly - he is obviously very experienced and talented in many ways (plays the piano like a pro too).

Closer-up of the dress. Gorgeous design - all the dresses were beautiful! The bride was stunning!

C and Co leaving at the end, paired up. They were both pro's!

Large group photo - the whole wedding party.

Family portrait

The Groom's mother.

Here is the gorgeous cake - made by future sister-in-law, Amy.

I was the videographer at the wedding - now must turn the mini-DV's into a DVD. At the reception we were shown a video/slideshow of the couple's lives and how they met etc - masterfully done by none other than the groom's father! There were also several speeches: bride's father, bride's sister, groom's brother and bride's grandmother - all very well done.

At the reception. The decorations included daisies and roses in pink and green decorated vases. The food was burritos and salad with pink and green lemonade, followed by wedding cake, of course!

So - the day came to an end. Everything was cleaned up while the bridal couple headed off to .......ah ha!!


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