Friday, May 23, 2008

Poor Turtles

Yep, two turtles were gnawed on by our "add-on" dog, Dozer. One (the box turtle) probably won't make it, though is alive and in a box in the guest bedroom. The white stuff on it is antiseptic cream. You can see some fly eggs on the legs. (Later update: he didn't make it - and the hatched out maggots were quick to start their work!) The other one (a water turtle), is patched up with duct tape and is still very feisty and ready to get outa here. I set him outside way down the hill in a grove of bamboo, hopefully out of Dozer's range. (Update: still doing well in the pond at the bottom of the garden. Still later update: Turtle later found upside down - dead). I'm so mad and depressed about it. If anyone has ideas on how to patch up a turtle, and whether their prognosis is mostly positive, please let me know!

Otherwise, this week is pretty much our last week of regular school. Spring fever has already reared its relentless head - thank goodness for all the rain we've had - that has helped keep us indoors and more focussed. Now I must start planning the next year - am wanting to do a "theme" year and link everything up to that. Any ideas, anyone??

Our garden is growing well. The corn is about a foot high. The following photos are from early on where the corn is only 2 or 3 inches high!

                                    We saved the batchelor buttons and some buck wheat.

We had some marble sized hail here a few days ago. I thought that would shred all my plants - but actually they suffered very little damage. We had two hail showers within an hour - quite unusual for these parts.

Peony from the garden.

This week C has been building a little "settler's cabin" in the woods. We have stick walls and ceiling, with some netting over the ceiling and leaves piled on top.
Well, this isn't the photo but will have to do for now!

Since the dog comes in and steals "furniture", we've blocked various entrances with anything we can find, including an old screen door. The floor is being painstakingly "carpeted" with moss. She has a kitchen fire for cooking, and a living room fire for warmth. I hope she realizes these "fires" are not for igniting! I've told her this is her playhouse. She's been spending every free minute there lately. Will include photos of that later, too.

Mom J is in hospital - they're still trying to get to the bottom of her symptoms. We pray they'll have her right as rain in no time!

This summer looks like another busy one.

Two months of swimming lessons, piano camp, cello practice, travel, retreats and camping. G and family will be fixing up their house in Indiana and moving in; R and family will be continuing the immigration work and looking at all the possibilities; P &K will be mostly staying at home and working with the horses etc. So, time marches on.

Another Sabbath is here - blessings on all until next time.

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