Saturday, July 19, 2008

A Full Week

Thank you DD, for your help this week!  What a blessing

This heading is an understatement! We had swimming and 2 VBS's every day which meant late nights and early mornings - not a good combination.

Village Chapel VBS - pioneer life
Our two intrepid and tired primary leaders - they did a great job corralling our kids - Mrs Reynolds and Mrs Young.

The theme at Ooltewah was Kings and Queens, and at C'dale it was "Our big backyard" - I didn't get any photos there, unfortunately!

We're harvesting corn, tomatoes, bell peppers, tomatillas, green beans and of course still the continuous Swiss Chard, beets and various herbs. So far I've canned 9 pint jars of tomatoes and want to do corn and other stuff this week. Logas lent us their pressure canner which is nice although barely fits on our small stove. Our ochra will probably start bearing within the next week or two. Our squash is still plugging along and not doing too well :-(. For those of you in cities, don't lose hope - even a plot 5' by 8' will yield very well if it gets a lot of sun! We started our gardening "career" in the city of Boston on a smallish plot in the Victory Gardens. It was under a tree at first until we could expand but we learned a lot - from all the other experienced gardeners and also through trial and error! God will provide! :-)

On Friday a friend and I were able to attend the local curriculum fair. My main focus was to find "Character Sketches", a three volume set on discovering Biblical character virtues/lessons in nature, mostly animals. Praise God, I found it. This was the first time in several years these distributors had made it to the local fair here so it was surprising to find it - providential! They offered a good price too. Then, I also got some nice reading books - hard to find sometimes, plus other odds and ends for use during the school year.

This seems to be the time of year when I feel the most stressed since there is SUCH a lot of planning to be done for the coming school year - but life just goes on - it doesn't stop and let me DO it. Fortunately my "outside part-time job-from-home" has slowed down SOMEWHAT since the end of June - but still enough for 5-6 hours of work per week.

AnyHOO, that's not interesting....I'm just letting off steam a little...

D and Myc. have been here together this past week (remember, only Myc. was here the week before). D has been working at a local Doctor's office while Myc.'s been in school still (plus taking flying lessons, and working a little on the side too!!). How do they do it?

Here we're having a little fun with sparklers.

Sisters having fun with sparklers

                        Oops, Myc, I think we caught you in your pajamas - and having a shower!
This weekend they're up at LBA with R and C and we'll see them all tomorrow for "a day on the lake". Then D and Myc. will stay one more week with us til the 25th when they'll go camping with the family - what fun! I'll need to get a photo of Freckles the bunny before they leave and a lot more of D and Myc. too.

Take care til next time...and remember - GOD ALWAYS HEARS YOUR PRAYERS!

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