Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy Independence Day

A lovely holiday today - good weather, a little muggy, but sunny. G and J arrived in town last night - probably in time for the big traffic jam after the fireworks! And Myc. arrived from Arizona this afternoon, just in time to join us at Logas for a cookout. He also brought Freckles, the bunny. Will include pics at a later date. I'll also add photos of the fireworks from last night when S sends them over....

For now I'll just show you the progress of the vegetable garden - coming along nicely!

We also planted a lot of zinnia's for the butterflies. We have a lot of honey bees this year who love the corn flowers - seem to be more than last year - a good sign! (and few Japanese least so far).

These are still green....We have been picking red ones!

Swiss Chard - mmmm - delicious!

Our "late bloomers" - cucumbers.


Here is a tomato hornworm covered in wasp eggs, poor thing. (At least it won't be a threat to the tomatoes anymore)

Well, that isn't all - I'm only putting out what S sent over! Anyway, we're picking green beans and beets, lettuce and our herbs. Carrots, ochra and other squash is also still growing as well as the corn, of course.

Til next time.


  1. Hi,

    We live in the city and my husband and I just started hearing the message about country living from Back to Enoch Ministries, Restoration International and reading Country Living We're seeking guidance from God and counsel from others on how to begin the process of moving out the city.

    I was brought to tears by your pictures of your garden. We know nothing about gardening or living in the country, but your pictures really inspired me. My children and I planted lima beans three weeks ago in egg cartons then transplanted them to cut-out gallon jugs. I think my husband and I are more excited and in awe as to how fast those little things are growing. They may eventually die because we live in an apartment in the city, so soon the poor roots will have no where to go.

    Really enjoyed your blog.


  2. Wow, thanks, Leuanna. I'm so blessed to hear this blog is reaching someone! Country living IS wonderful and definitely to be encouraged, especially for our children. I know you're praying, and as you leave everything in His hands, He WILL do for you what you need.

    I have the name of someone who did just what you want to do and she will have many good pointers of what to look for in a country place including a gravity-fed spring etc. I'll check your own blog for an e-mail and contact you that way! Thanks for reading. Keep up your courage and don't give up!

    Enjoy those lima beans!

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