Friday, July 11, 2008

July Days

Creative heading, huh? This past week we've had swimming lessons every day again,

a lot of work in the garden including canning some tomatoes and lots of play and swimming with friends. I had misplaced the camera for about 2 weeks, but found it today AFTER swimming lessons. Needless to say, the photos are a little outdated and we missed some fun pics....but not the worst thing to happen, considering the world is about to end....:-)
This is from LAST swimming session - beginning of June. Here're they're just finishing level 2 and 3. Now - June 30 to July 11, C graduated to level 5 and A to 4. How exciting!

I've been reading a book commenting on Charlotte Mason's method of schooling. I like her ideas, especially about reading and then letting the child narrate or tell what she just read in her own words. I hope C is as enthusiastic about it.... Actually, I think we'll incorporate the reading and narration into what we already have instead of taking anything out. Like we have time....

School stuff seems to be occupying my mind a lot lately. I like to be prepared but of course there's only so much one can do ahead of time and not be stressed when everything doesn't get accomplished. C says she wants to learn about the world wars - 1 and 2, she says. Where she got this sudden interest I don't know but since this wasn't in the "plan", we'll have to digress - the wonderful advantaged flexibility of homeschool! I also heard they're taking history out of the elementary curriculum in Arkansas - please tell me it isn't true, someone!

I'll add some more pics later. For now, CHOW!

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