Sunday, January 11, 2009

Jan 11

Happy birthday to a SIL! You know who you are! We're stuck in a bit of a freeze right now - beautiful clouds all day - perfect for snow, but when the temps started dropping to the "right-for-snow" level, the clouds peacefully drifted away. So no snow pictures for you. :-( There is a beautiful full moon visible now - seeming to float between the remaining wisps of cloud.

There's not much to write about except that we started school this past week and it went really well despite some late nights on my part! This week I aim to do better, so am hitting the hay soon. One highlight was catching a little "spring peeper" tadpole and now it has tiny - like 1mm across- back feet, and legs 2-3mm long. I hope S takes updated photos to show the development through the weeks. They're very slow developers - up to 100 days - and who knows when he hatched, but we're going to see what happens... He has large eyes for his size and we're feeding him triop food. We put a couple dead ladybugs in there but I don't think he has a taste for them so they're out now. He's quite cute I have to say.

Nighty night!

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