Wednesday, June 19, 2013

A few pretty things

This and that from the last week:

Some time ago I took a picture of a whole row of silver cars.  Last week I saw this random row of white ones.

An alien visited us....

The blooming herb garden

Asparagus doing well.

Cucumber.  The garden is about a month behind what it was last year...sadly.

In a garden down the road.....I have flower envy!

Keeping cool

Love the color!

Our hydrangeas again have multiple colors.  Beautiful pink.

Beautiful blue

Beautiful mauve/lavender

All on one bush.

Hey! Someone's photo bombing again!  At least he's posing nicely.  His name is Douglas at our house, but down the hill where he lives, who knows what his name is!  You can see an earlier picture of him a couple months back.  Every afternoon he comes to visit....By the way, we saw a large black snake crawl into this bush, so I'm not investigating it too closely.  I like it though - eats pests.

As I said, the garden is a little behind but I hope it catches up.  We've started picking tomatoes and green beans, garlic and onion.  The snow peas are done now and pulled up.

We found 3 of these tiny frogs all together.  Must have just hatched - they're about as big as a nickel, or even a dime.

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