Friday, June 7, 2013

McKee Picnic at Lake Winnie 2013

With a forecast of 40% chance of rain today, we set off for Lake Winnie with some trepidation, but decided to get there early to get a few hours in before the rain.  Well, we were lucky to have 5 1/2 hours before the rain came and here is proof of a lot of fun!

Having fun, yeah!

"Come on!" as D would say!  "Despicable"!

One of the favorite attractions for C.

Please show me your license!  And by the way, HANDS ON THE STEERING WHEEL!!

In the Strangler, Chaser .....oh yes, the Scrambler!

Overview.  Some clouds starting to pop up.

Still nice and sunny for the ferris wheel.  What that "thang" is in the background, I have no idea, nor do I WANT to know!  Looks horrendous!

The Crazy River - GREAT feature.  You should have seen this at 3pm - it was a ZOO!

The slides.  Lovely sunny day...

Coming back for lunch just after 1pm.

Strange clouds - like they're pop-ups (Cumulo-nimbus) WITHIN a storm system.  This was about an hour before we left.  The slide lines are now all the way down to the base of the hill.

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