Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Rhododendrons in Tennessee

Took a trip to Roan Mountain today and these are just a few of the many photos from that lovely trip.

Beginning of the Cloudland Trail

Fir trees with new green

Heading to the Rhododendron garden

Peak season

These are all wild and natural

These are Catawba Rhododendrons

Gorgeous blossoms

Experimenting with editing

A mist blew in and clothed everything with a mysterious aura

Layer upon layer of blooms

Some just about to open

A picnic hideaway

On the pathway back

On the bald at Carver's Gap

We crossed the Appalachian Trail several times;  saw some hikers.

The view down to Roan Mountain village

Layers of mountains and cloud

On the way back we drove through a storm.

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