Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Little River Canyon, Alabama

Took a little trip to a place I don't remember (but apparently have been to? - the first waterfall and canyon pics.)  The second half we hadn't been to.

Little River Falls.  Unfortunately didn't take the camera down to the pool so didn't get pics of S and C swimming.

Visitor Center - the soap is a powder

'No touch' water, of course

My first time to use one of these (but not the last...they must be becoming popular)

A stiff slice of breeze cuts the water from your hands as you pull them out

Found this remnant of love in the grass

Little river canyon looking upstream

Some of the flora in this region

One of the succulent plants there

Gazing at the valley (I think!)

Looking across to the other side

Another canyon view...

Good rock-climbing?

Looking downstream

Can you see a house?

Try this one

A chapel built into a rock (nice symbolism...)


Fresh flowers inside


Explaining some of the history

Another falls area.  Not sure the name.  Will have to call on hubby's elephantine memory...

Looking down from the top of the main falls

Pool at the bottom.  Also down there is a broken canoe - I'm not asking...

This will help you find your way around the National Preserve.  (Yes, you can get a stamp there)

 Maybe this little trip was to help us get our minds off our little family leaving back for Arizona :(

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