Saturday, July 19, 2014

New England visit

Thanks to S's work, 3 of us again had the privilege of  flying up to New England on a Sunday.  First we drove up to North Conway, New Hampshire, to visit a family friend, drove up Mt Washington and later along the Kancamagus highway,  then across on Tuesday to a delightful cabin right on the coast of Maine before leaving on Thursday afternoon.

Talking with the 3 others traveling with us at the airport waiting room

Flying out of Chattanooga

Looking back.  Plenty of space

Guess who headed straight for the snacks (well, we all did, ha ha)
Driving up Mt Washington while a CD told us all about the history and other interesting and amusing facts about this famous road.

The fir trees are getting sparse at this point.  Soon we'll be above the tree line.

Nearing the tree line

We stopped for a short "hike".
The building is even chained down - seriously?

I'm glad we didn't travel on this train line.  This rusty-looking cog would be all that's holding the train up? way!

A plan of things

No trees.  That brown line is the train track.

Here's the first one

On top of the world

And here's the second.  As you can see, it gets pushed up, rather than pulled.
Zena!  We meet again.  16 years old and still doing great!  Cute dog (and still as vocal as ever).

Afternoon drive up the Kancamagus.  Stopped at Rocky Gorge and this is why we can't swim there.

This is where Dorothy was trapped

Beautiful wildflowers

Dramatic skies and views along the highway

My absolute favorite - Sabbaday Falls - so quaint and gorgeous.  Love the name too.

At the base of the falls it turns 90 degrees to continue tumbling down this little ravine.

Curly-ques at the crystal-clear pool at the bottom

Albany Covered bridge (I think).

Somebody didn't make it across!

 Will continue the rest of the blog on New England with the Maine section next post.

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