Friday, July 18, 2014

Quaint Maine

I say quaint Maine because of the lovely quaint "Sea Spray" cottage we were lucky enough to stay in. This starts out with lunch in a diner of some sort.

I have to take 3 pics of these 2 - one with her smiling/looking at the camera, one with him smiling/looking at the camera and finally, with both of them smiling/looking at the camera. This pic is the second of those shots.

Looking out over the Atlantic
Maine bedroom (sorry, someone had already plopped on the bed)

Trying out the bunks

Our cottage/cabin
Near high tide

Literally taken from sitting in bed

Lobstermen coming to check their traps

Alas, not the expected treasure box (collected by one of the cleaning crew)

Just a piece of sturdy wood which became a cairn.
Looking for animals, shells, rocks and other low-tide treasures
 The next several pics are taken at 15-20 minute intervals showing the tide coming in.
Near low tide

This interval was longer than 15 minutes.  The rest are pretty close to that or slightly longer/shorter.

Final one at high tide (3pm that day)
Walking out along the breakwater in Rockland

The booming lighthouse giving its mournful foghorn warning

Looking back towards it

Free Wednesday evenings at the Farnsworth Art museum.  Awesome place.

The tenacious lobstermen

On the low-tide beach

A family of ducks.  There was also a loon but I didn't include the pic as it looked more like a Lochness monster

Our view

Sadly all good things must come to an end.  We decided to drive back via Gloucester and Cape Ann area.

Home again, home again, clippety clop

OK, local people, can you tell where this is?  Hint: it's in Georgia

One for the Tennesseans

Hint: this is a hospital and I-24 is visible in top rt hand corner

Near where two freeways split/join - I-24/I-75 split
 After a perfect landing we drove home to face reality again. (And 3 buckets of tomatoes;  2 of cucumber/corn and 2 of other stuff including black and blueberries)Happy happy til next time!

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