Saturday, December 27, 2008

Post 60

Could have titled this "Christmas and Birthdays" but there are probably so MANY of those already - would hate to clutter up "blogworld" with another...

We had a lovely Christmas, thank you! Got to chat with folk all around the world - England (Christmas Eve anyway), South Africa and across the icy plains to Indiana. By e-mail we got to increase the scope to New Zealand, Australia, Zimbabwe besides the before-mentioned, from others in the family. THAT's what is so nice about Christmas - we get to hear from all of you, see pictures and get updates. I'm very thankful for e-mail and the internet - most of the time! And thank you all for keeping us "in the loop" (my finger temporarily missed the 'p' there at the end - but I fixed it :-0).

OK, now for the photos. By the way, we have a tradition here - we always watch "A Child's Christmas in Wales" (in honour of our Welsh roots, and because I love the movie) on Christmas Eve or shortly before Christmas. This is one cute 57 minute long movie that I recommend to everyone! First saw it in Boston in 1991 or '92 and have watched it every year since. Charming! Based on the book by Dylan Thomas.

Buddy just couldn't take all the excitement, and although he wanted to be in the middle of things, he just couldn't. keep. awake! After examining some stocking and other present contents he decided to take, continue, his little, all day snooze...

We joined Loga's and Hendersons for Christmas lunch at Logas' house. YUM! (Not finding replacements for the old photos so am adding some other out-of-context pics here - sorry)

Can't forget the crackers!

A collaborative effort

DC helped me use my new easel

Afterward the "uncles" snooze or snicker...

The next day was another very important birthday! This present turned out to be quite small and re-wrapped several times in smaller and smaller packages - hence the look of anticipatory mirth on C's face. Nevertheless, although small, I think it carried a powerful punch...

I have to say that one should have the utmost admiration for someone who's birthday is the day after Christmas! They have to be very special people indeed - so give them EXTRA love and attention - they deserve it! Just to give you a small idea of what they have to put up with - which I KNOW you haven't even DREAMED of:

1. Receiving birthday presents wrapped in Christmas paper.
2. Receiving ONE present for BOTH days (from some, I'm sure).
3. Having the birthday totally overshadowed by all the hullaboo BEFORE Christmas - and therefore not much mention of their special day before the time.
4. Seldom having a special birthday party just for them because a) everyone is gone on vacation and b) everyone is too pooped out to do much on the day after Christmas.
5. Sometimes not getting a birthday card because it was forgotten in all the Christmas rush and bustle.
6. The silver lining? It could be worse - maybe just BEFORE Christmas would be worse?! I don't know!

And now for some other events of the week.

We had a birthday party for Ad. on Monday. Here are some photos from that grand occasion.

The food was great!

Opening presents.

Best Friends

Ad's piano recital on the 23rd. She played 3 pieces and they all went very well! Good job, Ad.

Last, but not least, here is a borrowed photo of what we all feel like now!

Happy snoozin'
Til next time....

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