Sunday, December 28, 2008

Help, I can't stop!!!

As you can see, I have what can be described as diarrhea of the mouth tonight....

I just HAVE to tell you what I've been working on lately in the curriculum department. I think the Lord has been agitating my brain to work out a different plan for C's 3rd grade. (I would be changing earlier but my asperger's tendencies - don't worry, I haven't been Dx, only "tendencies" mind you!! - keep me in the groove rut of finishing what I've started for this year...)

Firstly, I wrote out some core issues that I feel are important in true "education". What do I want for C as an adult according to the values we feel are important. Then I just happened upon some books published by Doorposts and one in particular, called "Polished Cornerstones" by Pam Forster. This happens to fit my general goals so well that I'm very excited that I didn't have to develop a curriculum from scratch - 3 quarters of it is done for me! YAY!

Anyway, that's all for the day - I promise! More is nog 'n dag!

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