Saturday, December 20, 2008

Whoa, girl!?

Has it been 2 weeks since my last post? Guess so, can't fake that! Well, we'll start out with the webcam photo which is beginning to look more and more the same. Since I'm a great fan and appreciator of variety, and a great abhorrer of redundancy, I'm thinking it won't be necessary to post any more "webcam" photos until spring UNLESS we get a nice snow. How does that sound? (I hope good, everybody!!)

OK, although I said last time I had found some interesting things regarding the Sanctuary, I'll quickly give a brief-over of the last two weeks for those across the seas so they'll know we're not getting up to mischief; then at the end, or perhaps NEXT time, I'll write on the Sanctuary again...

So, as far as the last 2 weeks go... The week of the 8th saw a lot of rehearsals and extra practice for our big Spalding Christmas church programme on the 13th. C had to play in both services although for the second one, most of them were allowed to leave early. They played several hymns, the Christmas Medley and some prelude and postlude music. It went extremely well and the 'specially enlarged stage was filled with almost 100 children at times. The Caroliers also sang, and sounded wonderful.(As a side note, I misplaced my regular camera for a few frustrating days so don't have a photo of that, but do have movie, at least).

That Thursday we all went to St's work Christmas lunch at a restaurant in a converted old county courthouse. It was a very rainy day! Actually, we've had almost constant rain since the 10th. I think they've finally taken this part of the country off the "potential drought" list. I say potential because this part of the country hasn't REALLY seen a true drought, has it? I mean a true African-style 3-5 year span of NO rain? I don't think so...but hey, what do I know? As an example, I remember having to brush my teeth in a quarter cup water; "bathing" with a little bucket and a washcloth, and flushing the toilet?? I won't go there! Have we EVER done that HERE? Well, I haven't, but others may have.

On Friday we drove down to Grace Episcopal to hear the Kinge's Quire perform their Bach's lunchtime concert, at noon. On Sunday afternoon we drove up to Laurelbrook area to attend the Zollinger's 50th wedding anniversary celebration. What a nice programme they had, and very well attended. Brought back memories of Trelawney and the celebration there.

On the 15th, Spalding had their general Christmas programme for parents and friends so we went along and enjoyed watching their cantata, with each grade performing part of it as a choir. The 4th and 5th grade choir were the narrators and soloists and did an excellent job. Whew, a lot of programmes to attend and all squeezed into one month! Tuesday was the CHE Christmas party day and the kids were told to come in pajamas! These Americans and what they'll think up next!!? ;-) On Wednesday we had Adventurer Christmas parties (yes, 2), and then today we had friends over for lunch (in stages because some lost their way, and others got the time wrong - NOT my fault, just for the record!!). After that we had our usual "3rd Sabbath" church programme at Morning Pointe. Here the children are, singing.

So, bottom line is we've been running to and fro....trying to keep out of trouble - not always succeeding! In between the programmes I've been trying to find out why my car has a very bad petrol smell - after I stop, not noticeable while driving. So I've been to 3 or 4 places to check codes, get parts and do basic maintenance (ie: oil change!) Anyhoo, we mostly put on a good face with the effort.

This coming Monday the girls (C and A) have helped plan a marvelous 8th Birthday party for Ad here. So I guess Monday morning we'll decorate the house to high heaven and have a great time! I still don't know exactly how many honoured guests are coming! It should be fun.

This might be my last chance to wish you all bah humbug, I mean Merry Christmas. So hope you have one and a very blessed New Year - and I sincerely mean that!

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